Mindful About Wellbeing

Suzy supports schools and organisations with Mindfulness based solutions that empower people to take care of themselves and others

Happiness is not readymade

As Global Education and Wellbeing Expert for LEGOLAND, teacher, wellbeing practitioner and Mum to an autistic son, I spend much of my time researching and practicing ways to empower children and families to access good mental health. My role as a Mum has placed me at the heart of managing a child’s high anxiety levels and I have seen first-hand the negative impact this can have on family life as well as the recovery journey that happens with the right approach and support.

When I started coaching Mindfulness based cognitive therapy it became clear that people were better able to regulate themselves, live in the present , form healthy connections with others and thrive. The positive impact on their lives, socially, psychologically
and emotionally remains my inspiration. The opportunity for proactive and protective strategies like this one has never been greater. Something I learnt the hard way through my own mental health journey.

I spent the first two years of this journey volunteering with young people to gain insight and understanding in the problems faced by families. It enabled me to practice and evaluate my ideas and offer free support to local schools. This is my seventh year in this role and the hands-on contact I get with young people and employees still forms the largest part of my daily learning and development.   Writing the education and wellbeing programme for Legoland has given me a wonderful opportunity to broaden my reach across the globe and my hope is that I can continue to provide families with knowledge and skills that they can weave into their day as strategies for sustainable

How can we support you?

Inset Days

Plan a training session with Suzy tailored directly to your needs. Host a wellbeing workshop for students, parents or LSA’s as part of your holistic wellbeing strategy.

Therapy Days

You and Suzy can organise regular Mindfulness interventions in your school or in your work place. This can be done as a one to one or small group session

Peer Programme

Suzy’s Mindfulness Ambassador programme puts students in charge of supporting each other. They have half a day of training and regular virtual surgery sessions to keep them motivated and up to date.

Staff Wellbeing

Let Suzy plan bespoke training sessions for your school staff. Staff wellbeing workshops show formal commitment to looking after everyone.

Wellbeing Content Writing

If you are looking for someone to assist you with planning and  writing wellbeing content for internal and external resources Suzy would be happy to help.

Corporate Family Wellbeing

Let Suzy host a ‘Calm and Connected’ family wellbeing session. This can be virtual or in person. Families will connect with their loved ones through fun bite sized activities that help them feel calm and present together.


Suzy has partnered with Govox to be able to provide schools and organisations with accurate wellbeing insights and data via a person centred ‘check in’.

3R’s Regulate, Relate, Respond

A student workshop aimed at helping young people answer two questions well; how do I feel and what do I need? Empowering children with knowledge and skills to identify and manage emotions and target self care.

A wellbeing framework is a scaffold of resources that starts and ends with people

Nurturing life skills now to help children thrive in their future

Help students to…
  • Learn to identify, accept and manage feelings
  • Develop self-awareness and self confidence
  • Practice resilience and perseverance
  • Use small positive daily habits that make a difference
  • Build social skills through collaboration and mentorship
  • Seek feedback and use it positively
  • Celebrate diversity
  • Talk openly about personal challenges

From children for children

Select some children to become Mindfulness Ambassadors for your school. Suzy runs a half day workshop for the children involved and prepares them for their new role. This is followed up with remote surgery sessions to discuss feedback and provide new material.

Feel the benefits of a consistent practice rippling through the school. This peer lead scheme nurtures a culture of empowerment within your students and a 360 approach to good mental health.

Mindfulness training LSA

Suzy has designed a training session specifically for LSA’s as CPD. LSA’s are often placed to support children who require additional teaching, learning, social and emotional interventions.

Mindfulness based strategies can be simple, timely and effective at reducing anxiety levels and refocusing attention. The activities are also accessible that they can be used by the LSA’s in whole class teaching sessions too.

“I am loving being a Mindfulness Ambassador. The children are coming up to me in the playground and asking for help. I also know which children need moving to the front so that they listen more carefully when I am doing the DBP!”

Holly at Little Kingshill C of E Primary School

I had no experience of Mindfulness and that was really eye opening. I will definitely be using it daily, thank you.

LSA at Great Missenden Primary School, Buckinghamshire

Well at work

There is no better way to take care of your staff than to give them an opportunity to remind themselves of the most important people in their lives and the crucial balance this gives us all to lead an effective and fulfilling work and home life.

It is more important than ever to promote self efficacy and positive socialisation within your organisations as part of an effective platform for success. This is a wellbeing session where employees can connect with their children in the present moment through fun activities that leave everyone with a sense of joy. Hosting a ‘Calm and Connected” session shows how your organisation understands that having healthy relationships at home has an impact on how well they feel and perform at work. A virtual session has the added benefit of placing essential learning in their homes as they experience how easy it is to weave sustainable and effective activities that protect good mental health into their daily lives.

Contact Suzy to discuss hosting a ‘Calm and Connected’ session.

Wellbeing and access for all

As a topic of growing interest, taking care of ourselves and others has been catapulted on to most people’s priority list. Organisations and schools are looking for ways to formalise their commitment to supporting staff and young people in an accountable way. Wellbeing is a detailed, holistic and responsive strategy that values everyone equally. Suzy is constantly listening to her clients concerns to be able to offer innovative solutions that fit coherently into their strategy and support their objectives. People will always have personal or professional risks that affect their wellbeing and all for different reasons and at different times. Much of the time these are low level risks and we can keep our ‘vessel of vulnerability’ from overflowing with strategies like Mindfulness. With the NHS and NICE now recommending that employers and schools offer Mindfulness to all employees and students you are assured of the evidence base that supports this approach.

Suzy would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss how her programmes and support could really improve your pastoral environment.


Contact us

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