Sit with Will & Govox

“1 in 5 children in every class of 30 are likely to have a mental health problem” The Children’s Society. Do you know who they are in your school?

Sit with Will & Govox

With mental health support services now inaccessible in acceptable time frames it falls to educators to identify problems early and intervene. With increasing pressure on timetables to get work done there is simply not enough time to check in with every student regularly to find out how they are, however much we’d like to.

Govox have the solution. 

Students will relate easily to their expertly researched and designed online wellbeing ‘check in’ and it only takes 2 minutes to complete. Governors, senior leaders, teaching staff and students will gain key insights, but most importantly it will effectively prioritise those 5 children who really need to have a chat now.

I am very proud to be partnered with Govox, and together with Sit with Will we offer a complete wellbeing strategy.

Take a moment to watch their education video on student and staff wellbeing in schools below. 

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